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Specialty Health Care Solutions


Need to create a thickened consistency to meet specific health care requirements? Sun Glow's own ThiClear thickening agent is formulated for all your thickening needs without changing the flavour or colour of your product. Our ThiClear thickening agent is available in convenient 1.4kg pails.


Effective and tasty—this puree will be a welcomed addition to your menu! Sun Glow’s Fibre-Gain is an effective and dependable fruit-based product that, when taken daily, promotes proper regularity and addresses many other health issues.

Our current formulation combines prunes, dates, molasses, sugar beet fibre, and pure orange juice concentrate. Fibre-Gain has a shelf life of up to 90 days when held unopened at a refrigerated temperature and is available in 12 x 1kg clear plastic pouches.


Sun Glow also provides starch to meet specialty health care needs. It is designed for use in dysphagia applications and has excellent dispersion properties in liquids.

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